No two bodies are the same, so why should your corset be?

With corsetry back in demand, but the art of historical corsetry construction lost in modern-day mass production - far too often people are sacrificing fit and quality for design. But you do not have to! Creating Corsetry is an intensive guide on how to draft, cut, fit, and sew multiple corset styles from start to finish that perfectly and uniquely fit you! 

Who is creating corsetry for?

Both beginner and experienced sewers who have a love for corsetry and want to learn more but don’t know where to start. We are all in this journey together! 

Creating Corsetry: Pattern Drafting and Manipulation

(First course in the series: Creating Corsetry)

Learning the skill of pattern making is powerful and opens you up to world of unlimited possibilities and creations. Knowing these skills allows you to create anything you set your mind to making. So, even if you have never attempted pattern drafting before, this course covers all the bases! After completing this course, I guarantee you will be drafting patterns with more confidence, skill, and understanding. 

What you will learn in Creating Corsetry: Pattern Drafting and Manipulation

·      Learn how to flat draft a basic underbust corset pattern unique to your specific body measurements.

·      How to manipulate boning channel placement on an already-made pattern to create a pattern that looks entirely different, but still has the perfect fit. 

·      How to change the shape of the top and bottom edges of your corset.

·      How to manipulate your corset into a waspie/waist cincher. 

·      How to split a corset panel into two panels. 

·      Learn about historical techniques that improve the overall quality of the corset.

·      Gain confidence in your drafting, sewing, and creations. 

·      Class chat forums to ask questions and build community- We want to see what you are creating!  

*DISCLAIMER: This course only explains and provides pattern drafting instruction, fit to your specific body measurements. For sewing and construction step-by-step instruction, visit the second course in the Creating Corsetry series: Fitting and Sewing a Corset Mock-Up and Underbust Corset.

Pattern Drafting

Learn how to draft an underbust corset specific to YOUR body shape and measurements to achieve the perfect fit.

Both video sew-a-long and written instruction included!

Pattern Manipulation

Learn pattern manipulation, taking your already-made pattern and altering it into a completely different garment. Once you know this skill, the possibilities for creation are endless.

Common Fit Mistakes

Learn common fit mistakes in corsetry and how to alter them to achieve the perfect fit.

Example Curriculum

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  Flat Drafting an Underbust Corset
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  Pattern Manipulation Techniques
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About your teacher

Hello everyone, my name is Kricket Luckow and I will be your teacher as you embark upon this sewing journey. I have been trained in the arts of corsetry and lingerie and am here to show you that you can do it too!

My teaching style is methodical and steady, ensuring that every step along the way is broken down and understood. Starting at the basics, skills are developed the correct way, building confidence.

I will teach you how to draft and construct a corset the right way for your specific body measurements, while still honoring historical corsetry practices and drafting techniques.

Luxurious corsetry for the modern woman: fit just for you.